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Ramesh Gandhi

This picture was taken sometime in 1956. I had no camera, but there was an unwritten rule in the entire school and my classroom in particular, because of the love and affection they showered on me, bordering on adoration, that almost anything that they bought should first be touched or used by me. So this happened to be a new Arriflex which a friend had purchased. To inaugurate it we went to Dakshineshwar, hired a boat, and I took this picture, as I was also talking and explaining balancing, composing and esthetics to the disinterested owner of the camera. I spotted the boat on the right side of the photograph when it was far away, and to the left of the maanjhi. I waited for it to come to its position in the photograph so that it would balance the angle of the maanjhi's body. I could not avoid the bamboos sticking in from the lower left side.